The best way to avoid ticket fraud is to buy directly from our ticketing partner for that show. If you buy resale tickets, we advise you to get them only from trusted friends. DO NOT purchase from scalpers. If you arrive at the venue with an illegitimate ticket, you will be turned away, and no refund will be provided.

As stated in the terms of purchase, we do not provide any refunds or exchanges. If you can no longer attend the festival, we recommend you gift or sell your ticket to a friend or family member.

To inquire about our your ticket order, please contact the ticketing company which you used to purchase your event ticket.


While refillable vape pens, eGo devices, mods, and APVs are allowed into our events, you will not be allowed to bring E-Liquid or E-Juice of any kind into the venue due to festival and security guidelines.

Only EMPTY mods and tanks will be allowed inside, so please make sure to empty all liquid out of your canisters before entering.

For specific information or any further questions regarding prescribed medication please contact us for detailed on how to bring your medication into our shows. Please keep in mind this information does not apply to medical or recreational marijuana.

Every attendee (including all staff and performers) will be searched prior to entry. By purchasing a ticket, you agree to submit to a thorough, TSA-style search, including emptying your pockets and bags, a full pat-down, having all of your items examined, and possibly removing your shoes. Police officers work both inside and outside our events. All narcotics laws are strictly enforced. We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone.


As long as you are holding a valid ticket that has not yet been scanned, you may enter until an hour before the end of the event. Ins & outs are not allowed.

For most shows, yes. Note: The lineup is subject to change.

Our events are certainly ADA compliant. Please contact us for more information on how we can enhance your experience.

While we do not provide volunteer opportunities, we do hire festival seasonal staff. We encourage you to visit our Careers page.


  • Valid Photo Identification.
  • Your ticket via barcode on your phone or print out.
  • Neon or white comfortable clothing and shoes!
  • Smiles, friends and good vibes!
  • Any US government-issued driver’s license or ID card containing a photograph and date of birth.
  • US or foreign government-issued passport containing a photograph and date of birth.
  • Foreign government-issued driver’s license/ID with color photocopy of passport (not valid for 21+ wristband. To purchase alcohol or enter VIP areas, a physical passport or US ID will be required.)
  • Temporary DMV documents proving you are currently renewing a license — ONLY if accompanied by passport or expired license
  • The use or possession of any illegal drugs will not be tolerated anywhere inside or outside the venue.
  • Police officers will be working both areas and enforcing all drug-related laws.
  • Do not bring any illegal substances to the event; violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
  • If you are found intoxicated at entry, security will not allow you to enter the venue. Event staff reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone. Be responsible, and make smart choices.

You are put on warning: that you are entering these premises and participating in a “Foam N’ Glow Event” at your own risk, which you voluntarily assume. Although we have taken precautions to make this Foam Party safe and enjoyable, we cannot and do not guarantee that accidents or other mishaps, perhaps resulting in serious injury will occur. If you have any doubts or misgivings about your safety, well being, or personal property, you have the right to not participate in this event by not entering into this establishment. 

Foam N’ Glow expressly disclaims responsibility or liability for any and all injuries, accidents or other occurrences which may result in damages to any individual or group participates in the “Foam N’ Glow Event”. Take extreme caution, the floor and other surfaces may become slippery. Please govern yourself accordingly.

Although the Foam used is considered safe, persons with allergies, skin disorders, open wounds or any other ailments or conditions should consult a doctor before entering the Foam. All persons should avoid eye contact and taking Foam internally. The Foam (a detergent) may cause dermatitis in certain individuals if left on the skin for an extended amount of time. Removal of wet clothing, bathing and using a moisturizer is advised after attending a Foam Party.

Enjoy yourself and please respect all other participants.

Any questions or concerns please email: Support@FoamNGlow.com

Worlds Largest Foam Party - Foam N' Glow
Foam Party Foam N Glow Worlds Largest Foam Party
Top University Party Worlds Largest Foam Party - Foam N' Glow